Montreal is top destination for Chinese students

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Montreal ranks first in the world for university experience, according to a recent poll conducted by China’s Bank of Communications and the Economist Intelligence Unit think tank.
The report, which compared 80 cities worldwide, shows that Montreal provides the best university experience for money spent. This was determined by analyzing 24 indicators including educational and financial returns, social life, and work opportunities. The city’s combination of top-tier universities combined with a robust cultural scene and relatively inexpensive tuition helped push Montreal to the top.

The Montreal school with the most international students is McGill, with foreigners making up about 8,300 of its 38,000 attendees. In total, almost 40% of Canada’s over 200,000 international students are Chinese.

For those in the Montreal education scene, news of the city’s success came as no surprise. Speaking to the Montreal Gazette, McGill dean of students Andre Costopoulos said “We have world class universities like London and Boston, but both cost of living and the cost of education is cheaper. We always say that the secret weapon of McGill is that we’re in Montreal.”

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