Canada the Best G20 Country to be a Woman

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Canada is the best country of all the G20 nations to be a woman in, according to a global poll of gender experts. These findings were released in advance of the annual G20 summit, where the world`s 20 largest economies (19 countries plus the European Union) will meet to discuss international affairs.

Canada was given the top rank for a number of reasons. These included policies that promote gender equality across the country, quality healthcare offered to women, women`s participation in politics, and access to resources like education and property rights. In addition, the poll addressed issues such as freedom from trafficking and slavery, freedom from violence, and workplace opportunity.

After Canada, the top countries were Germany, England, Australia, and France. The United States finished in 6th place due to concerns about reproductive rights and affordable women`s healthcare. At the bottom of the list were Saudi Arabia and India. (


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