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Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area. Neighbor to USA and having shorelines on both pacific and Atlantic ocean, it is a haven for overseas job seekers from all around the world. Canada has a high rate of per capita income and there are a lot of job opportunities available. Similar to other popular destinations like UK, USA, Japan, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, Norway, South Africa and Philippines, if you meet the necessary eligibility criteria, you stand a very good chance landing yourself a high paying job.

Jobs in Canada that pays well

Slowly coming out of the recession, Canadian economy is finally picking up pace with a large number of employment options beginning to be available in the job market. Few of the job areas listed are among the popular options and highly paid in the country.

Visions of Canada

  • One of the highly paid careers in Canada is that of nursing. To choose nursing professionally as a career, you need to get a nursing degree and must be a registered nurse in Canada. As there is huge demand in Canada for nurses, it encourages enthusiasts from all over the world. In spite of being a nurse one is not restricted to work only in hospitals, one can also choose to work with private clinics and practitioners. Nursing in Canada falls under two categories mainly, the clinical nurses and the occupational nurses.

Clinical nurse may have diverse functions. They may be directly dealing with the patients and families in any of the nursing organizations and hospitals. A clinical nurse is ought to possess a masters degree that may be any kind of specialization in their respective field like pediatrics, oncology, cardio care or the intensive care nurses. The occupational nurses work not in hospitals but with various organizations in promoting good health of their workers under legalized ways of nursing profession.

Nursing is one of the highly paying jobs in Canada and it not only gives not only gets you high salaries, but also a lot of respect from the society too.

  • Jobs in the medical field are not limited to nurses and other doctors but there is yet another profession that is highly rewarding in Canada and this is pharmacist. It is one among those careers that pays well. One needs to be a registered pharmacist in the country before he or she begins to work as a pharmacist. One needs to possess a degree in pharmacy either from Canadian university or equivalent.

Being a pharmacist calls for lots of responsibilities as the pharmacist are those individuals who have to take care of every aspect of patient before dispensing any medicine. Pharmacists are in huge demand from hospitals to private and local pharmacies and are paid extremely well according to the number of hours worked.

  • People who are interested in Finance sector have really good options in Canada. Those people who can manage money and can act as good financial managers at various organizations are also in huge demand in Canada. People with some finance background can choose to work with various banks or any origination like hotels, hospitals and other big business dealing sectors that need specialized people to handle their funds with care and responsibility. People who have good knowledge about foreign finance and also have a good hold over some foreign language can find best deals with a number of organizations.
  • People who are academically good and have some interests in teaching can also look for jobs as university teachers and professors. This is another field that needs skilled people in various respective areas in schools, colleges and universities.
  • People having skills in human resources are also in demand as most of the companies are coming up the concept of a good HR department so as to handle their employees well and also help the company grow better. Companies in Canada are projecting to better recruitments, trainings and better relations with the employers. This field requires a skilled person in HR and also a person having good command over various languages like French.
  • If one is looking for job options that do not require much academic skill then the various skilled tradespersons like the chefs, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, automotive technicians etc are in great demand. The requirement for such people is thought to double in the coming years. These kinds of jobs are numerous in Canada and help one earn more than average.

Apart from these several options are available to choose that pay well like the dentists, aviations staff, IT technicians and many more.




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