Jason Kenney Believes Alberta Should Attract Permanent Immigrants

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Jason Kenney Believes Alberta Should Attract Permanent Immigrants

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney has urged Alberta government to consider taking efforts in drawing new permanent immigrations and training the current unemployed residents. According to Kenney, doing so would help Alberta take care of the serious lack of labour problems in the province.

During his speech in Edmonton, Kenney stated that the government’s latest changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, limiting the ability of domestic employers to hire foreign lower-skilled workers, would not be subjected to any future modifications. On the other hand, prominent employers and Jim Prentice, the province‘s new Premier, have pushed for a complete evaluation of these changes. They argue that the overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has damaged the economy.

“We need to encourage the unemployed and those who are no longer looking for work and we need to see permanent resident immigration increase in Alberta,” said Kenney. Kenny also described the Express Entry selection system for immigration as “employer led, fast moving and demand driven.”

“The effect of it will be higher levels of permanent resident immigration to Alberta . . . and this will be a net benefit for sure to the Alberta labour market.”

To support the employers in providing training to local unemployed residents, Kenney and Alberta Labour Minister Ric McIver have declared a new jobs grant program consisting of $15,000 grant per employee for skills training. Kenney and McIver believed the new program will solve the problem of labour shortages while dissuading employers from hiring temporary foreign workers. It is estimated that 800 workers will be given proper training in the first year with thousands of potential employees in training by the end of the six-year program. Out of the $15,000 grant per employee, the Canadian government will contribute $10,000 per worker with the rest $5,000 will be provided by employer in the form of training and apprenticeships.

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