Embracing Excellence: Rising Above Mediocrity

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I am quite concerned about the growing trend of mediocrity among African immigrants in Canada. By this, I mean the dearth of hard work, best practices and probity in how some conduct themselves, especially, in business. I have noticed over the years that  the default disposition of the average African immigrant appears to be to circumvent existing laws, practices, policies and procedures just to gain an advantage.

This trend becomes even more worrisome when those highly placed Africans in society and some even in the religious circles are the ones perpetuating this mediocrity without restrain. This is due to the fact that most come from societies that do not have any standards, where excellence is hardly encouraged while chaos and mediocrity are celebrated.  They continue on this path after immigrating to Canada as if they have never left their countries.  This might explain why most African businesses fail just a few months after establishment. There is hardly any planning, their decisions are ad hoc and actions knee jerk.

There is no foresight neither do they have any proactive tendencies, they react to problems as they come rather than engaging in proper forecasting. Even the physical environs of most African businesses suggest mediocrity, they are hardly clean, are often sub-standard and grossly unbefitting. Though many of these business may not have the capital to engage in whole scale renovations or rent stores in highbrow parts of the city, there is a minimum standard of expectation that must be met and this point appears to be amply lost on many African immigrants. For Africans as a group to be competitive with other ethnicities that share the same space, there has to be a shift in mentality, from mediocrity to excellence in all their endeavors, even at the microscopic level.


By Philip Alalibo – AIM



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