About Us


Founded in March, 2010, African Immigrant  Magazine (AIM) is “Telling the African Story” in Canada by informing, educating and providing a medium of expression for African immigrants whose issues, stories, challenges and successes are hardly covered by the mainstream media. We AIM to inform Africans about events at home while increasing public awareness, understanding, and providing a forum for vibrant debates on multiculturalism, integration and diversity. With thousands of new African immigrants arriving in Canada yearly, we want to be instrumental and serve as a bridge to a new life, community and country.

African Immigrant Magazine is published monthly in Toronto by AIM Publications and distributed free in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada. With such a wide distribution and national scope, it will be advantageous to advertise your business in our magazine to reach thousands of Africans in Canada. African Immigrant Magazine is committed to giving your business the maximum exposure.