P-Square bears it all in this interview

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Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
Well our biggest musical inspiration is the late Michael Jackson and R.Kelly. Michael because he was the greatest dancer of all and we started off imitating his moves. R.Kelly because he’s a great song writer, producer and composer all in one just like we are. And he knows how to follow music trends.

What is the biggest challenge of being a celebrity in Africa?
When you become one of the biggest acts in a continent, you get to have many challenges in keeping up with and not disappointing your fans, because all eyes are on you. We are the greatest for some time now in Africa and we working very hard to keep it that way.

You both work with your brother as the producer, it’s a family business. What are your views on the importance of family, what are the good and bad points of running a family business?
Family is very important and should a be priority. We (Peter, Paul and Jude) are able to work as a team because we understand each other very well. He’s (Jude) got the talent that we needed to combine with ours; so everything is working out perfectly.

Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
Yea a lot of them both regional and international. They are too many to mention here but definitely.

You have conquered Africa, do you have a strategy to conquer USA and when?
We haven’t really toured America yet because like the say ‘charity begins at home’. We started from Nigeria then Africa, America is next I believe. We get a lot of cries from our fans in America wanting us to come. We are coming soon people (laughs).

What do you enjoy doing for fun when you are not on stage singing your hits?
We love swimming, playing games and hanging out with friends.

What do see yourselves in 5 years?
We believe we don’t have to predict where we will be in five years time as we didn’t predict this; so all we can say now is that in five years time, we are going to be better than what we are now and in a place where we deserve to be.

What makes you proud to be Nigerian?
Naija for live oh. No matter what. Nigeria is and will still be our pride. It’s just something we all Nigerians are proud of without any specific reason. We believe it’s the people of Nigeria that makes Nigeria special not the country itself.

How can fans buy your music in America?
They should buy them from iTunes.

Do you have any upcoming shows in America?
Yea like we said earlier, we are planning on touring the States this summer hopefully.

Any last words to your fans?

They should keep their heads up and always pray and hope for the best as nothing is impossible with God. And also we promise never to disappoint them. Never!

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