IRCC launches Global Skills Strategy

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On June 12, IRCC announced the launch of the Global Skills Strategy. The Strategy aims to provide a faster, more predictable process for attracting top talent to Canada, while in turn creating economic growth and middle-class jobs for Canadians.

Foreign workers coming to Canada temporarily can have their applications processed in two weeks. This includes work permits and, when necessary, temporary resident visas. Open work permits and study permits for families will also be processed in two weeks.

The Global Skills Strategy also introduced work permit exemptions for highly skilled workers and researchers working in Canada for a short time, making it easier for them to quickly bring their skills to a short-term work or research project in Canada. With this exemption, highly skilled workers can come to Canada for a 15-day period every six months or a 30-day period every 12 months, and researchers can come for a 120-day period every 12 months without needing a work permit. This took effect on June 12.

The Global Skills Strategy gives businesses access to the talent, skill and knowledge of workers around the world. It benefits them by making it easier to bring in the talent they need to grow and flourish as a business and, in return, create jobs for Canadians.

IRCC announced the Global Skills Strategy jointly with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, and Employment and Social Development Canada.


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