Multiple Entry Visitor Visas now available in Canada

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Multiple Entry Visitor Visas now available in Canada

Friday, 26 September 2014

As of February of this year, visitors to Canada will be automatically considered for a Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa. This visa allows visitors to enter Canada for periods of 6 months at a time for up to 10 years without having to reapply each time. In addition, the government processing fees have been reduced from $150 CDN to $100 for each application. These changes were brought about to simplify the application process for applicants, promote tourism and trade, as well as encourage multiple visits to Canada from travelers.

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander is quoted as saying:

Our government remains committed to attracting visitors and facilitating legitimate trade and travel. We are proud to have welcomed a record number of visitors who are clearly benefiting from the flexibility and convenience of the Multiple-Entry Visa.

The Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa has become a popular option among visitors from China, India, and Mexico who hold 10-year passports and are eligible to apply for a 10-year visa. In addition, travelers from the Philippines and Brazil who hold 5-year passports have been eligible to apply for a 5-year visa.

For Mexican nationals, Canada recently instituted a new facilitate program called CAN+ making it easier and faster for Mexican citizens to come to Canada.

Every year Canada welcomes over 35 million visitors from around the world. In 2012, Canada issued a record number of almost 1 million visitor visas. In 2013, over 975,000 visitor visas were issued, and 2014 is looking to be heading in the same direction. As such, Canada remains a destination of choice for travelers seeking to engage in tourism, short-term language courses, visit with friends and family, and explore business opportunities.

With the summer ahead, now is a great time to come to Canada and see what millions of travelers experience every year. Migration Expert has a number of experienced migration consultants that can assist you with obtaining various Canadian visas. If you need any assistance please fell free to contact us and see how we can help you on your journey.

Kuda Mangwe | Migration Expert Canada

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